How to use Explain

Better feedback, new insigths. Just five minutes away.


No matter whether you are the frontline agent or the c-level executive, Explain is all about giving you new insigths.

The dashboards allow you to work at either individual, team or campaign level, all depending on your individual enabled features.


Frontline improvement

As frontline agent you can get feedback on call level, allowing you, to improve performance without involving superiors. Explain will show you hidden patterns and exactly which do’s and dont’s you must apply to improve performance.

All you need to do, is take five minuttes to listen to a recorded call file, answer questions on screen.

Explain will not tell you , to jump higher or run faster, it will tell you how to do it. Thats the best feedback we can do, so that you can do the best results you can do.


Strategic insigths

Explain allows you to quantify softskills. So that leaders or even leaders of leaders can gain valuable insigths on performance.

You can see, where you most efficient can develop communication skills for a team or an individual, and even simulate the effect on your relevant KPI´s.

Explain gives you the insigth dashboards that allows you to take action and give qualified feedback, alligned with your strategic business goals. 


React on facts – what is the most efficient you can do?

Our focus is to allow you, to act efficient and fact driven, even on complex  data, leaving no blind spots or doubt, forcing you to hesitate.

We simply ask, if you have only one hour to improve results, whats is the most efficient you can do?

That is what our dashboards will tell, on both individual, team and campaign level..

You get the Action matrix that tells you, which specific criteria to train, in which particular order, if you train either a team or a individual.


Other important questions

Growth companies and sales departments are very vulnerable to employee attrition, on a quantitative scale its very easy calculate what happens if we lose this guy. He has this salary and he provides this revenue, that allows us, to do a classic cost-benefit analysis.

 Using the Schoolbuddy  dashboard, Explain will tell you  both who is most likely to be able to replace the guy and also which critital skills must be contained if he leaves.


What happens if  we invest in training ?

The classic consultancy answer is ”what happens if you dont”, but Explain says ”do you want the answer in index, percentage or €” and you can even provide the answer yourself. Just use our easy and unique KPI simulator, edit what you want to improve and Explain will calculate the effect on your KPI.