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30th April, 2015
Denmarks strongest political nichemedia has chosen to upgrade, their perfomance management efforts by integrating Explain.   After a succesful pilot, with a significant performance improvement. Altinget has chosen to integrate Explain to their Ivocall solution. This means that leaders now gain strategic insigths from realtime performance data combined with call quality measuring. Also the
18th December, 2014
Scandinavias leading investment banking partner and capital markets operator, Nordea Markets, has chosen to combine the efforts of Explain and Willmore performance management consult, in order to gain strategic insights on the connection of performance KPI´s and sales excellence skills.
02nd March, 2014
While further development is still ongoing, version 1.1. of Explain has been released and is live for customers already. Features include improved design as well as improvements in the Notes functionality and Target Tool.